These past two weeks have been my worst, as far as completing assignments. This will be my first weekly assignment where I come up short on a few assignments. I’m really agitated about this matter, because I have been very consistent each week (grade wise) and completed every task. But I’m not going make excuses, I will display what I have accomplished and keep it moving. Alan’s Vacation Remix Generator 9 Stars Consumer Mashup Talky Tina Headswap Actor Transformation   What Is Remix? Anyone is capable of making a remix, whether it is a form of audio, video, or image. Remixing is re-creating original content andRead More →

What an interesting two weeks it has been, working with video/editing. I thoroughly enjoyed all the video assignments I chose, minus the required “cloning” video. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool effect and all, but it was pure mayhem trying to perfect it. Other than that slight issue, I’m beginning to feel more comfortable creating/editing videos (it’s slowly becoming addicting). I was so hooked, I ended up completing 6 video assignments. My weapons of choice to complete these assignments were Youtube (where I obtained most of my clips), KeepVid (used to covert video files to MP4), and of course my editing software, iMovie. ItRead More →

Photography week was a blast! The first assignment I started on was Photoblitzing (which was my favorite). It was a beautiful day, so I took advantage of it and came out with some great photos. The suggestions from David duChemin’s book, TEN refreshed my mind and I applied his tips/tricks into my shots. There was nice assortment of Daily Creates this week. No issues with any of he ones I chose, all pretty straightforward. I enjoyed Noise Pollution the most. Ambient sounds can play with on’e imagination, but as an extra, I supplied an actual picture of the setting where my sound was recorded. The onlyRead More →

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