Digital Identity: 5 Lessons

I’m not as active as I once was on social media, but I do understand the opportunities it can provide if executed properly. Here are some of the pages I viewed: Footprints In The Digital Age, Personal Branding In the Age Of Google & McClurken.

1. Find users/bloggers that post meaningful content that you are interested in or can relate to. Follow them and respond to their posts. That person will more than likely follow you back.

2. Be cautious of the content you post online. It might cost you your job, future employment, or an arrest. All it takes is a Google search.

3. Educate the younger generation on how to use social media and other online platforms properly.

4. Network with like-minded individuals who share the same passion as you. Hashtag technology brings people together. Always use hashtags in your posts.

5. Aside from blogs and social media, it is crucial to have an online portfolio/resume site for professional opportunities that displays your work and accomplishments.